Does a Home Security System Really Deter Crime?

    Every 15 seconds, a home is burglarized somewhere in the United States. Most of those burglaries occur during the daytime hours when the homeowner is at work. A home security system offers many benefits for today’s homeowner. Most homeowners, however, don’t realize their need for a home alarm system until after they are the victim of a robbery. After that, the chances of getting robbed again drop drastically. That’s why it’s important to get a security system in your home before you are a victim. A quality security system in the home does, in fact, deter crime. Studies have shown a strong correlation between burglar alarms and the rate of crime in various areas. One such study – conducted by the Alarm Industry Research Educational Foundation – showed a decrease in burglaries by about 40 percent over the course of five years. Some people have tried to spread misinformation about burglar alarms, though. One such piece of misinformation is that a home security system increases robberies for neighbors of homes that have them installed. However, this is simply not true. Even the neighbors of homes that have a security system installed benefit from the alarm system, according to various studies. Of course, a home security system isn’t the only thing that you should rely on for deterring criminals from entering your home. You should also use your best judgment. For instance, even if you have the best security system in the industry installed in your home, you should still lock your doors when you are gone. Your door locks should be heavy-duty with deadbolts and other features that will make it very difficult to break in. You don’t want to tempt a burglar to enter your home to see what they can grab before the police arrive. You should also have exterior lights around your home. Motion sensors on exterior lights are ideal because they can scare away burglars with the element of surprise. Landscape lighting that stays on at night also helps you see what is around your house when you come home after the sun has gone done. You don’t want to be stuck outside in the dark fumbling for your keys if an intruder is lurking around. Burglaries may not seem like a major crime. After all, the majority of them take place when the victim isn’t at home. But being burglarized can leave your family feeling vulnerable and afraid. That’s why a quality home security system is essential for your home to help ensure your family’s safety and well-being.

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