Do Bug Detectors Mean You’re Paranoid?

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Electronics and Electrical

You don’t want to say anything to anyone because you’re afraid they will think you’re paranoid, at best, or mentally ill, at worst. You shake your head to clear the thoughts and convince yourself you’ve been watching too much television. Why would anyone bother spying on you? You don’t work for the CIA. You’re not a witness in a murder trial. You’re even on good terms with your ex. As you lay down for the night and reach to turn off the lamp on the nightstand, you wonder what your boss would say if she knew you thought about shopping for bug detectors because you thought your house was bugged. You chuckle to yourself and hypothesize that she’d send you to the company shrink, and then tease you mercilessly when the shrink finds you to be “normal”. It’s like watching a horror movie. Suddenly every corner hides someone with a hockey mask and a chainsaw. Every closet door is opened with trepidation. Your brain interprets the sound of your house settling in the cool of the evening as an intruder breaking in. The power of suggestion can change normal thinking patterns. That said, there are murderers and intruders in society. They may not wear hockey masks or use chainsaws, but they do exist. The same holds true for bugs and wire taps. They do exist. Ask anyone involved with the Watergate scandal. After 9/11 government agencies monitored countless emails for certain words they considered red flags for terrorist activity. And anyone who has watched Cheaters knows that private investigators have access to all kinds of surveillance equipment. The only way to know this is to use bug detectors to locate the bugs. But why would somebody spy on you? Sometimes it has nothing to do with your personal life and everything to do with where you work. If your employer pays for your cell phone, your employer may be monitoring your conversations. Or it might not be anyone inside your company that does the spying. Is the company you work for developing a new product line that might be considered a threat to the competition? Are there valuable trade secrets your company keeps to stay ahead of the competition? Business can be cutthroat, and some companies will do whatever it takes, even if it’s unethical or illegal, to get ahead. If you’re still concerned about your privacy, there are bug detectors available. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy to check for bugs; it just means you’re cautious. Peace of mind is priceless.

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