Discussing the Importance of Flossing with an Expert General Dentist

    When discussing the importance of your oral health, flossing is one of the main things you should be doing to maintain a clean mouth. Unfortunately, many people don’t floss and as a result, they get gum disease, bad breath and other problems. Here are some reasons from a professional general dentist why you should be flossing regularly. Flossing Helps Protect Your Gums In order to understand how flossing can help protect your gums, it’s important to know the structure of the mouth. The teeth are anchored into the jawbone and the gums by their roots. The bones and the roots of the teeth are covered by soft tissue. This is the point at which flossing helps the most. Because of the structure, small particles of food easily get stuck in these areas and they can harden over time. This leads to tartar buildup which then leads to gingivitis, a disease that makes the gums swell, turn red and often become painful. Effective flossing protects your gums from this problem. Saving Money Taking care of your physical health helps you save money on doctor visits and other health-related costs. The same is true for your oral health. When you floss regularly, you are taking care of your gums. This means fewer visits to the dentist. Even when you do go to the dentist, you won’t have to pay for extra care to fix problems with your teeth or gums that result from neglect and lack of flossing. Preventing Other Health Issues Few people know that neglecting your oral care can lead to more serious health problems. For instance, did you know that bacteria in your mouth can eventually lead to heart disease, respiratory issues and even heart disease? Studies have shown that oral health is directly linked to your physical health. Since flossing is one of the most important ways to maintain your oral health, you should be doing it regularly to avoid other complications. Avoiding Bad Breath Although bad breath isn’t a serious issue like heart disease or diabetes, it can be very embarrassing and it can cause other problems. If you have bad breath, you might get passed over for that important promotion or you might miss out on being with that special someone. Your general dentist advises you to keep a regimen of brushing your teeth, flossing and using mouthwash. This will help keep your teeth looking great, your breath smelling fresh and you will maintain proper oral health as a result.

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