Different Ways to Take CBD Oil in Huntington, WV

    CBD, a non-psychoactive chemical compound of marijuana, has become a hot commodity in the past few years. Its benefits have been celebrated by everyone from athletes to housewives to pet owners. It’s been used to help treat a variety of conditions ranging from anxiety to pain to epilepsy. You may have decided that it’s time for you to try CBD products from companies like Green Infusion, but you’re not exactly sure how to take them. Following is a list of the different ways that people can take CBD products.


    Tinctures are one of the most popular ways that people take CBD products. They’re attractive because they’re considered to be some of the purest forms of CBD. Some of them are flavored, while some are plain. You take the tincture by placing it under your tongue and holding it for a few seconds while it dissolves into your system.


    Capsules are considered one of the easiest and most convenient ways to take CBD. They contain between 10 and 25 mg of CBD. This is an ideal option for people who like to know exactly how much CBD oil they’re ingesting.

    Creams and Moisturizers

    Another popular way to take CBD products is through the use of topical creams and moisturizers. CBD moisturizer in Huntington WV is applied topically to the skin and helps treat condtions like acne, inflammation, and pain.

    Whether you’re looking for CBD moisturizer in Huntington WV or a flavored CBD tincture, Green Infusion can help. Contact us via phone or through our website for more information.

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