Dental Burs That Are Commonly Used in Palm Coast, FL Dental Offices

    Dental office managers or others who are responsible for purchasing the supplies used in a dental office know that there are a variety of dental burs on the market. Each option offers specific advantages. Here are the most common burs available.

    The Most Common Burs Used for Dental Work

    Diamond burs are usually used for polishing and cutting through porcelain. Their top advantages include the ability to cut faster and smoother and offer extreme precision. Diamond burs are often the right option when a dentist wants to perform precision work since they have a finer grit and create a higher polish. It is important to remember that burs made from man-made materials will not last as long as ones that use natural diamonds.

    Carbide burs are often used to take out old fillings, prepare cavities for new fillings, and shape bone. This type of bur has less vibration and often leaves a smoother finish than its diamond counterpart.

    When a dentist needs to adjust acrylic pieces, they will typically use ceramic burs. This is usually the right choice because ceramic will not conduct the same amount of heat as other forms of dental burs. It is more likely that the acrylic pieces will be kept intact while the work is being done. This is usually a good option for working with thermoplastics as well.

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