Definite Signs That You’re in Need of Seattle Boat Trailer Repair

    Without a properly functioning boat trailer, it’s impossible to get your boat anywhere near the water. Given this important role, it’s important that you pay attention to your boat trailer for signs that it may be in need of boat trailer repair in Seattle. While proper maintenance is key to avoiding major problems, there are still issues that can develop over time. If you ignore these symptoms, you may find yourself sitting high and dry for some time to come.

    Loud Squealing
    When you’re towing your trailer, it should be fairly silent, especially once you’ve launched your boat. If your trailer produces a loud squealing noise, though, it means it’s time to take your trailer in for boat trailer repair in Seattle. Most often, loud squealing is caused by wheel bearings that are wearing out or have already worn out. If you continue to drive your trailer with a bad wheel bearing, you risk extensive damage to the wheel or the wheel falling off altogether, neither of which makes for a fun day on the water.

    Hard-to-Use Coupler
    If you notice that it’s becoming increasingly hard to latch the coupler on the ball of your hitch, you may need to take your trailer in for repair. As this component is exposed to the elements, the mechanisms inside it that allow it to latch and lock will start to deteriorate. Over time, this can make it difficult to impossible to lock the receiving end of the hitch to the ball. If left unlocked, you run a high risk of the trailer working its way free from your vehicle, leaving only the safety chains to prevent a major accident.

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