Deciding If an Extended Care Facility Is Necessary

Choosing a drug rehab center is a big decision for those who suffer from drug addiction. There are many factors that play into choosing the right center. Whether you are searching for drug rehab for you or a loved one, determining the level of care that is needed should be the first step in choosing the right facility. Those seeking drug rehab need to determine if they wish to seek inpatient or outpatient care. If inpatient care is deemed necessary, it is a matter of deciding whether or not an extended care facility is necessary. What Is an Extended Care Facility? When patients are trying to overcome a serious drug addiction, such as an addiction to heroin that has been ongoing for many months or even years, it can take a long time to overcome. The addiction did not happen overnight and neither will the rehab. Sometimes, if the addiction is severe enough, patients require more than the standard 30-day inpatient treatment. Extended inpatient care can go beyond those 30 days and last up to two years, depending on the needs of the patient. Determining the Level of Care Each inpatient drug rehab center has its own method for treating a drug addiction. Finding the right treatment for you or a loved one can be time consuming. You need to consider the level of the drug addiction and the type of drug, as well as the physical and mental symptoms you are suffering from to determine the level of care that is needed. If major detoxification is required, it is best to find a facility that offers medical care along with rehab to prevent any life-threatening crises from occurring during the detoxification process. Choosing Holistic Treatment For many patients, holistic treatment is the best method for long-term recovery. If a drug addict has been suffering from drug addiction for a long time or the mental and physical well-being of the drug addict is suffering because of the drug addiction, a holistic treatment plan is best. In a holistic treatment plan, the entire mind, body and soul is treated. If the patient requires an extended care facility, even stronger mind, body and soul treatment will be required to help the patient recover 100 percent, while teaching the patient how to live in the real world without their chosen drug.   For more information on finding a reputable extended care facility, visit