Core Exercises For Full-Body Weight Loss

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Fitness Training Center

Let’s face it, between balancing family, personal time, friends, work, and other social commitments, finding time to exercise can be tough. This could be the reason why you’ve noticed a lot of weight gain lately. Nonetheless, it’s possible to stick to a routine, improve your nutrition, lose weight, and maintain results. Here are some core exercises to follow.

Kettlebell swing

Kettlebells are effective in burning calories. They engage the entire body, making it an ideal full-body weight loss exercise. It entails standing with your feet more widely spaced than the width of the hip. You will hold the kettlebell with your hands and position it in front of your body. Perform a few squats while swinging the kettlebell fifteen times. Gradually increase your swings as you get used to the rhythm.

Jump lunges

Regular lunges are known to be very beneficial in weight loss and fitness. Adding a jump to the workout yields even more benefits. The jumping element should enhance your heart rate. Bend one of your knees in front of your body while the other lies behind your body as if to assume a “get set” position. Jump straight up and switch your legs in the air. Repeat the process about twenty times.


Place your feet apart and simply bend your hips outwards to a squat and rise. Squats are easy and beneficial for full-body weight loss and fitness. Repeat until you are tired.

Find time within your busy schedule to fit in these core full-body weight loss exercises. Don’t forget to include healthy nutrition into your routine. Pair up these tips with our services by contacting THE MAX Challenge of Montgomeryville today!

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