Considering All Options For Gate Valve Manufacturers

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Business

Oil and gas production occurs around the world, with countries utilizing these natural resources as a significant part of their economy. In the past, many oil and gas companies relied solely on local companies for the production of specialized valves and valve actuators for the oil and gas industry.

Today, thanks to an increasingly effective global supply chain, companies around the world can shop for the leading gate valve manufacturers in any country. In choosing to use this option, oil and gas companies can save money, increase the quality of the components they use, and even take advantage of currency differences to manage project budgets and costs more effectively.

Essential Considerations

Choosing gate valve manufacturers in different countries should always be approached with caution. Be sure to verify the manufacturer works to the industry required standards and specifications based on the type of component produced and the end-use of the value.

For oil and gas industry applications, API 6D or API 6A will be the relevant standards. These are international standards set by the American Petroleum Industry. They ensure consistent design, engineering, and manufacturing standards based on the specific type of valve.

In addition, the top gate valve manufacturers around the globe focus on ISO certification. This is a clear indication of the company’s focus on quality control throughout the production process. Combined API and ISO certifications provide international buyers with a clear expectation for the quality assurance and testing throughout the manufacturing process.

As one of the leading global gate valve manufacturers for the oil and gas industry, Ghatge Patil Industries Ltd. provides quality assurance and testing on all products. To view our ISO, API 6A, and API 6D certifications, see us at

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