Considerations When Deciding Whether to Rent or Buy Floor Scrubbers

    With a floor scrubber, you can make sure that your office is both clean and sanitary in a reasonable amount of time. The main question you may wonder wonder is whether you should rent or buy a floor scrubber. Take into account the following considerations if you are beginning to wonder “should I look for a floor scrubber rental near me?”

    How Often Do You Have to Clean?

    Your business may require more or less cleaning, depending upon how much foot traffic your company receives. If you know you will be using a floor scrubber with increasing regularity, you may wish to purchase a floor scrubber instead. If your cleaning is going to be less frequent, the decision to rent may be a better one.

    Do You Have Maintenance Personnel?

    Looking for a “floor scrubber rental near me” may be a good idea if you do not have a qualified maintenance person to take care of the machine when it breaks down or needs cleaned. Renting from a floor scrubber service means that the professionals will always take care of any maintenance.

    Do You Have the Extra Money for a Big Expense?

    Purchasing a floor scrubber can cost you a lot of money upfront. Your company may not have the money to pay upfront for a floor scrubber, yet still require the cleanliness that a floor scrubber can offer. In this instance, renting is a better choice than buying.

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