Considerations for Air Conditioning Installation in Redmond, OR

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Heating

A new air conditioner uses energy more efficiently and can save households significant money on energy costs. It can also increase comfort. Here are some things to consider before a new air conditioning installation in Redmond, OR.


Installing a properly sized air conditioning unit makes all the difference when managing comfort and cooling costs. Some assume bigger is always better, but that’s only sometimes the case. Installing a too-big AC unit in a smaller house wastes energy. The best way to ensure the unit is the right size for one’s house is to work with professional AC installers. These experts make suggestions based on their expertise and specific parameters to guarantee households install a new air conditioner that’s perfect for their homes.


Many people have central AC systems that require a duct system to distribute air throughout the home. However, if one is constructing an addition to the house, a ductless AC system or mini-split system might be the better choice. Ductless units can be placed in individual rooms and don’t require connecting to the existing duct system. If one has a tight budget, a ductless system helps them avoid the expense of having additional ductwork installed.

It can feel overwhelming to decide on a new air conditioning system. After all, no one wants to spend hard-earned money on a system that doesn’t meet their needs. To make the process easier, work with an HVAC expert. To learn more about air conditioning installation in Redmond, OR, contact Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical.

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