Colorado Company’s Ramen Making Kit Is a Hit With Everyone That Likes Ramen

What makes ramen such a popular food item? Well, typically, ramen does not cost a lot to produce, thereby making it low-cost to consumers. It is also easy to make at home if you have a microwave or stove. It heats up quickly, and it tends to be filing even when you don’t have a big cup of it. For most college kids and young adults on a tight budget, ramen is the sustaining food of choice. One Denver, Colorado company has made ramen making kits that take ramen to a whole new level.

More Than Spices, Powdered Broth, and Noodles

Most ramen packages contain two things; the block of ramen noodles and the seasoning packet that turns into broth and spices. Not this ramen making it. This ramen kit contains completely fresh noodles in a savory broth. There is a seasoning packet, but it’s seasoning and not powdered broth. The broth is taken from its vegan or meat sources and only requires reheating to make it good.


You might be wondering just how ramen could be organic. Well, there is a vegan broth version, but the others are organic since the broth is made from grass-fed beef bones or antibiotic-free chicken bones. The plants/spices used are grown organically too, so what you are consuming is a lot healthier than those dehydrated and dried out ramen packets.

Ready for Really Amazing Ramen?

If you are ready to try amazing fresh ramen using one of these ramen making kits, contact Pressery at today.

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