Choosing The Right Dentures

When most of us think of dentures, we think about a set of teeth that permanently replaces our old teeth. But there are many different types of dentures, so if you are considering this type of treatment for your oral health issues, here are ways to find the right Dentures Pennington County SD provider to get the treatment you need. A denture refers to the replacement for permanent teeth that are missing due to injury, disease, or other reasons. Most people choose to get dentures if they have missing teeth to be able to chew food, talk, smile, and avoid the sometimes undesirable look of missing teeth.

If you are missing all or most of your teeth, a Dentures Pennington County SD provider may recommend complete dentures, or a full set of teeth to replace all your missing teeth in both the upper and lower part of your jaw. Even if you still have a few teeth, getting full dentures can be easier than trying to fill all of the gaps with other denture types. If you have a significant number of missing teeth only in the upper part of your jaw, the dentist may recommend that you only need upper dentures. These are very similar to complete dentures in terms of the materials made and the way the fit into your mouth, but they are only designed to fill half of your mouth. Someone who loses only one or a few teeth may not want to have several healthy teeth removed to make way for full dentures. A Dentures Pennington County SD provider can put in partial dentures to fill gaps in the smile or replace one or two missing teeth. Many times a partial denture will also require a dentist or surgeon to place a metal “root” in the gum that will anchor the new tooth and eventually fuse to the jawbone.

When you have a dental procedure that results in tooth removal, you may be able to get an immediate denture. These can be advantageous in helping to stop bleeding and speed healing following a dental procedure, and you will not have to wait for dentures to be placed later while in the meantime dealing with the aesthetics of having missing teeth. Finally, in some cases a person may have some remaining teeth that are healthy but need to replace several teeth as well. In this case, a Dentures Pennington County SD provider may recommend over dentures, which are almost a full set of dentures but use some of the natural teeth to anchor them in and support them inside the mouth. For many adults who have oral health issues, injuries, or diseases that result in tooth loss, getting dentures is a practical and easy solution to get natural-looking teeth for a great smile and the ability to chew and talk without difficulty. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information. Visit at Byrne Dental for more information.