Choosing Personalized Wedding Fans for Your Reception

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Gifts

Folded paper fans can provide a feeling of elegance to your wedding reception. Whether you use them as simple decorations or your guests actually end up using them as fans, giving out personalized wedding fans can be a great wedding favor. When people go to a wedding, they don’t want to get a cheap looking trinket they don’t even want to take home with them; they want something they can use that looks nice.

When you choose the fans, you should choose the colors that match your wedding theme. This will allow the fans to fit in with the décor of the wedding so you can use them as decorations, as well as wedding favors. If you don’t want to choose the colors of your wedding, you can use white, silver or gold instead for a classy look. No matter what you choose, your guests will appreciate having the fans.

After you choose the personalized wedding fans, you will want to include the relevant information for your wedding. The tags on the fans can have any information you desire. For most people, the names of the people getting married and the date of the wedding are important pieces of information to include on the fan tags. In addition to this information, you may even want to include the location or a special thank you message to your guests.

Once you get the fans delivered to you, it is important to figure out how you want to distribute them to your guests. You can hand them out to your guests as they walk into your reception. Another option is to open them up and display them at each place at the tables. This will help the fans serve as part of the decorations on the table as well. Another option is to keep them in a box by the door so everyone can take one as they leave.

Personalized wedding fans are a great option when you are looking for functional wedding favors for your guests. These fans come in a wide variety of colors so you can best match them to the colors of your wedding. You can also personalize them with all the information about your wedding, as well as a short thank you for the guests. Once you make the decision to use them, you only need to figure out how to get them to your guests.  

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