Choosing Between Domestic and International Adoption

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Law Services

Growing your family through adoption is a great option for many families. Once you have deciding that you would like to pursue adoption, you must figure out what type of adoption will work best for you. Though many people think the only decision they need to make is whether or not to adopt domestically or internationally, there are more specific decisions to make as well. But before you can think about them, you need to really think about the benefits of adopting domestically versus internationally. The first thing that many people think about is the cost of adoption. International adoption is often the most expensive kind of adoption for many reasons. Not only will you have to pay fees directly related to the adoption, but there are other costs to consider as well. Depending on what country you are adopting from, you may be required to make many different trips before your adoption can be finalized. International adoption also means that you will also have to fill out a lot more paperwork than if you were to adopt domestically. Don’t forget that you also need to decide which country to work with when adopting. Be sure to research all of the different countries before you set your sites on one. The requirements can be quite different and not everyone will be approved to adopt from every country. Something you should also think about when it comes to international adoption is whether the country could close international adoptions during your adoption process. Domestic adoption is not without its problems either, but the process is sometimes a bit easier on adoptive parents. Though there may be travel involved, you don’t have to worry about traveling out of the country and having your child’s citizenship approved. If cost is an issue for you, then the cheapest way to adopt domestically is often through the foster care system. Something to consider about foster adoption is that the children that are available for adoption are often older, so if you are looking for an infant you may want to explore other options. Other ways to adopt domestically include working with a family law attorney or an adoption agency. It really is important that you take the time research any firm or agency you might want to work with to make sure they are legitimate and also to be sure that they fit your specific needs. When you adopt domestically, you also usually have the option of choosing open or closed adoption. While many adoptions in the past have been closed, most families are now choosing open adoption or semi-open adoption. No matter what type of adoption you choose to pursue, be sure that it is the best fit for your needs. If you are considering adoption in northern Virginia , start by consulting with the professional legal team at to learn more about adoption law in your area.

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