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by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

The brake system on a vehicle is one of the most crucial parts of a car that should be given serious attention. This is because any failure in the brakes could endanger the driver’s life and those of other road users. Being unable to stop instantly makes some of the most crucial emergency situations very hard to avoid. Every driver should therefore ensure that their brake system is checked by an auto repair service technician periodically for close monitoring and maintenance purposes. One should not only take their car to an auto repair, Hilo shop only when their brakes begin to fail but also for routine checks to ensure that any possible problems are spotted early enough and dealt with in advance. At the repair shop, there are a number of simple routine checks that are carried out to ensure your brakes are at the best possible conditions. The first check that is done is a test of the breaking power. Each of the four wheels on a vehicle is supposed to get an equal pressure of the braking power. Unbalanced braking on the wheels tends to pull the car to one side. If you notice that you have to counter steer every time you press the brake pedal, then it is time to see an auto repair mechanic. All car brake systems are powered by hydraulic mechanism. This is because of the mechanical advantage that is offered by hydraulic systems as compared to conventional cables. Hydraulic systems have been improved to the point where they are able to harness more boost from the engine to make braking more reliable. The status of the hydraulic fluid level is checked by the mechanic. It is however important to check brake fluid levels at home since most of the brake fluid reservoirs have indicated levels showing when you need to add more fluid. Periodic replacement of brake fluid is required so as to increase effectiveness after a certain specified mileage. An auto repair, Hilo mechanic also checks the status of the brake pads, which are directly responsible for locking the moving rotor or hub and should therefore be in top condition for effective braking. Change of brake pads should be carried out as specified by the vehicle’s documentation. Typical brake pad change should be carried out after an average of 25000Km. However, there are instances where the brake system may be overworked and thus require replacement earlier. The states of the brake hubs and rotor discs are also checked since any damage to them messes up the linearity of a car’s brake. Brake lights are also checked. It is important to keep track of the check-ups and repairs of your car’s brake system so as to know the exact next time they need to be checked. Our auto repair brake service ensures that your car’s brakes are always in top condition for safety and better performance. Kindly visit to automotive repair in Hilo learn more about the services we offer.

Auto Repair Brake Service

Auto Repair Brake Service

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