Bitdefender Small Business Cyberattack Response Plans in Cleveland, OH

    It’s a common myth that some businesses are too small to be targeted. That’s not the case. Large and small businesses alike are lucrative hacking targets. Verizon reports that 28 percent of online attacks target small businesses because they don’t have firewalls, antivirus software or a response plan to cyberattacks.

    What Does Bitdefender Do?

    As the guardian of millions of business, government and consumer digital environments, Bitdefender is the trusted expert for protecting data and privacy, eliminating threats and providing for cyber resiliency. Multi-feature protection with Cleveland Bitdefender for small business provides the cyberattack response small businesses need.

    Total Security by Bitdefender

    Cleveland Bitdefender Total Security is a single product that protects all devices without slowing the pace of business. As a Bitdefender product, Total Security out-performs any other security software in this metric.

    What Bitdefender Offers

    Cleveland Bitdefender Total Security offers:

    • Innovative zero-day-attack prevention

    • Top-level sophisitcated malware protection

    • Complete online privacy through a Cleveland Bitdefender for small business secure VPN

    • Business file protection through multi-layer protection against ransomeware

    • Minimal system-performance impact

    Cybersecurity solutions through Bitdefender for small business in Cleveland, OH, work on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS platforms. Full protection comes in one, two and three-year plans for 5 to 10 devices.

    For more than 27 years, the On Technology Partners team has successfully provided network and IT consulting and support for governments, manufacturers, nonprofits, pharmaceuticals, utilities, small businesses and warehousing. To learn the benefits of Bitdefender for small business in Cleveland, OH, call (216) 920-3100 or visit online today.

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