Beehive Requires Pest Control Services in Melbourne

    Bees are an important part of the ecosystem. They pollinate flowers, crops, and other plants. Without bees, many scientists agree that some plants would actually become extinct. However, even though we rely on these hard workers to help our farms and gardens thrive, they can also cause problems. Any homeowner who discovers an active beehive on their property should contact Pest Control Services in Melbourne to remove it. There are many reasons why removing a beehive should be left to the professionals.

    Bee Stings Can Be Deadly

    There are many people who are deathly allergic to bees. In fact, a bee allergy is one of the most common allergies in the world. A single sting may produce an anaphylactic reaction, which can be life-threatening. In a matter of moments, a bee sting can kill someone by restricting their airways and causing swelling in the throat. While most bees, with the exception of Africanized honey bees, do not attack without cause, it is still dangerous to remove the hive without help. A trained professional will be equipped with the proper tools and uniform to successfully contain the hive without getting stung.

    Bee Swarms Are Dangerous

    As mentioned before, bees usually do not attack unless they are provoked. If a large colony of bees is threatened by the presence of a person or an animal, they may create a dangerous swarm. The bees will form a planned attack on their victim, stinging at every possible moment. Even those who are not allergic to bees may be poisoned by the venom in the stings. Bee swarms are more common in hives with a large population since they have more worker bees to carry out the attack. Having the hive removed by Pest Control Services will help to reduce the risk of a swarm.

    Homeowners who discover a live beehive either in or near their home should contact a professional pest control service or visit Flick Pest Control. Many people are allergic to bees, and moving a hive alone puts one at risk of being a victim of a bee swarm. Only a professional knows how to properly trap and remove a beehive without causing a swarm. Bees are important to the environment, but they can also be dangerous near residential areas.

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