Bail Bonds in Saginaw TX for Defendants Charged With Burglary

Although burglary is usually a nonviolent crime, this is still considered a serious offense that may come with a high bail amount and the risk of incarceration if convicted. Often, a person accused of burglary faces multiple charges, primarily including breaking and entering. If the man or woman is discovered in the act and strikes out, a charge of assault is now added. Bail Bonds in Saginaw TX may be the only option for someone to afford payment for release before trial.

Common Additional Charges

If there are no additional charges to the accusation of burglary beyond breaking and entering, the matter is more straightforward. Nevertheless, the severity of the charge depends on the type of structure the person was burglarizing. Breaking into a vehicle with the intent of stealing property will likely be classified as a misdemeanor. Burglarizing a home or other building is a felony.

Burglary vs. Robbery

Burglary is typically a less serious charge than robbery because it usually does not include the threat or action of physically harming another person. Nevertheless, the charge can still be a severe one. A factor considered by the court is the value of the goods that were stolen.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Breaking a car window and stealing a digital table would probably be considered petty theft. In contrast, stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise will not be viewed lightly by the prosecution or the court. The defendant might be released without bail on the petty theft charge, but Bail Bonds in Saginaw TX might be the only option for release on the more serious allegations.

Planning vs. Impulsive Behavior

Someone who has burglarized a building or a vehicle may have carefully planned the act ahead of time, or may have acted rather impulsively. A person might be tempted to break a car window to get something that looks valuable. An action commonly called smash-and-grab usually refers to breaking a storefront window and grabbing goods that are in the display area. No matter what has happened, a friend or relative of the defendant may Contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds Today to apply for a surety bond.

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