Attorneys in Topeka, KS. Help Clients File for Bankruptcy After Divorce

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Law Services

Men and women who get divorced are significantly more likely to file for bankruptcy than those who stay married. Financial problems after divorce tend to be much worse for women, who commonly earn less money than men. They find that child support does not make up for sharing a household with another adult. Bankruptcy attorneys in Topeka, KS. are available to help.

Three Common Reasons

Most bankruptcy filings happen for one of three reasons. Those three are expensive medical costs, job loss, and divorce. Sometimes these factors are connected.

Research has found that the stress and emotional trauma of divorce can make employees less productive at work, which sometimes results in job loss. A person who already has health problems may not be able to cover medical expenses after being dropped from the spouse’s insurance. This individual may have to buy insurance with a high deductible and co-pay.

Making a Fresh Start

Parents typically don’t want to downsize their lifestyle too drastically because of how this might affect the children. Filing for bankruptcy with the assistance of attorneys in Topeka, KS, makes life much easier because the program wipes out debt. The person can make a fresh start without having to juggle bills and avoid calls from creditors.

People often delay talking with a bankruptcy attorney because they hate the idea of defaulting on their debt. Nevertheless, the federally approved option of bankruptcy is designed to help U.S. residents start over. They can do this with the help of visiting our website after learning about the attorney.

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