Are You Considering Breast Augmentation? Here’s What You Should Know

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Health Care

Breast augmentation in Chicago, which is also known as breast implant surgery is the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the U.S. About 300,000 people go for breast augmentation each year in the U.S alone.

Why do Women Seek Breast Augmentation?

Women seek breast implant surgery for various reasons. While there are women who are happy with huge and exaggerated breasts, most women prefer more natural and subtle breasts. Most of the women seeking breast implant surgery fall into two categories.

The first category includes women in their early twenties. Most of these women go for breast augmentation Chicago to have fuller breasts, which gives them a more proportionate and feminine figure. The second category includes women in their thirties, forties, and even older. These women go for breast augmentation Chicago to restore their fullness and youthfulness, which goes away after a period of childbearing, breastfeeding, and aging.

What’s the Secret to a Successful Breast Implant Surgery?

If you are considering breast implant surgery, the first thing to do is to schedule a consultation with a qualified and experienced surgeon. Be ready to ask questions about the surgeon’s qualifications, experience, and expected outcomes. The surgeon should be in a position to discuss the different types of implants, whether you are the right candidate, as well as the risks and benefits of undergoing breast implant surgery.

During the consultation, you will also need to discuss your medical history with your surgeon, including all the medical conditions you may have and drug allergies. Also, inform the surgeon if you have had surgeries, especially to the breast.

Choosing a Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

Before settling for a specific surgeon, you may want to consider their board certification, experience, and personal experience with the surgeon. You can also check a list of questions provided by the FDA to guide your discussion with the surgeon.

If you are considering breast augmentation, schedule an appointment with the board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery. You can also learn more about our services on our website.

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