Anticipating Your Treatment and Recovery When You Check into Drug Rehab

    The decision to check yourself into rehab is one that you did not come by lightly. It was only after you hit your proverbial rock bottom that you realized that you have a problem that is much bigger than you can handle on your own.

    However, at the same time, you wonder what lies ahead of you when you get into rehab and start going through the recovery process. While part of your recovery will involve detoxing from the addictive substance, you can also expect to undergo intensive mental health services in Minneapolis before you are discharged.

    Counseling and Therapy

    The mental health services in Minneapolis that you undergo will be designed specifically for you. You must understand what compels you to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. You need to recognize what your triggers are so that you can avoid them once you regain sobriety.

    You will uncover this information about yourself by going through individual counseling services with a psychologist or therapist. The sessions can last for as long as an hour and can take place every day that you are in recovery.

    You also will take part in group counseling sessions with other patients. These group sessions allow you to gain empathy for what others like you are going through and experience support and empathy from your peers.

    Gender-Specific Help

    The recovery center also realizes that addictions have an uncanny way of affecting women differently than men. Women often stand to lose things in life that perhaps are not as meaningful to men and vice versa.

    Your recovery program will be geared toward your gender. This specialization increases your likelihood of success.

    You can find out more about drug rehab and mental health services online. Contact River Ridge at to request information or to check yourself into treatment.

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