An Automobile Accident Lawyer in Sheboygan, WI Brings Cases to Court When Insurance Maximums Are Too Low

One way that an automobile accident lawyer in Sheboygan, WI learns to become successful at negotiating settlements and winning at trial is to become well-versed in how the opposing side operates. Learning the techniques insurance companies use to dispute claims or pay low settlements is an example. Understanding the arguments made against plaintiffs in court is another. The lawyer now knows what to expect when approaching a case in either type of scenario.

Filing Suit

A lawsuit may be filed against the at-fault driver if the maximum of the insurance policy is too low to cover all the injured person’s expenses. That person must have enough assets to cover a significant portion of the expenses or filing a lawsuit is pointless. This individual will be represented by a defense lawyer in the civil court proceedings. In some instances, that person is willing to cooperate with having the two attorneys negotiate a settlement to avoid a jury trial.

Understanding the Opposition

The automobile accident lawyer in Sheboygan, WI wants to understand how a defendant fights liability in court through professional legal representation by counsel opposing the plaintiff and their lawyer. The opposing counsel uses tactics to undermine the case and try to show that the injured person was somehow at least partially at fault.

Expecting an Aggressive Defense

The plaintiff and the attorney from an organization such as Roth & Basler can expect an aggressive defense if the case does proceed to trial. The defendant stands to lose real estate, retirement accounts, stock portfolios, and other assets if the plaintiff wins. Serious injuries suffered in a car accident can lead to astronomical expenses.

Accident Costs

Two weeks in the hospital can run around $30,000, and this does not include surgery, diagnostics, physical therapy, and medication. This person may also need months of treatment and additional operations.

If the defendant’s policy had a maximum of $100,000, a large number of expenses might still be left unpaid. Also, the client should be compensated for aspects like pain and suffering, reduced quality of life, and emotional trauma. Anyone interested in speaking with an accident lawyer can schedule an appointment online.

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