Alloy Wheel and Tyre Sets

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

Modern alloy wheel and tyre sets are one of the most popular ways of making your car stand out from the crowd. As well as making your car more attractive, adding an alloy wheel and tyre set to your car can have the added benefits of improving the handling and improved fuel efficiency due to the lighter weight of alloy wheels compared to the steel originals. When adding alloy wheel and tyre sets to your car be aware that if you use larger wheels and lower profile wheels that the originals, you will have increased noise, poorer efficiency and a reduced 0-60 time. Many people are still reluctant to change to alloy wheel and tyre sets due to the poor press they received in the past. Original Magnesium wheels were easy to damage and almost impossible to extinguish if they caught fire, as magnesium continues to burn under water and carbon dioxide. As a result of this magnesium wheels have been banned from some types of motorsport. Later magnesium alloys are an excellent product and are of a higher quality than aluminium wheels and are widely used on race and street cars. Early aluminium alloy wheels suffered from problems including brittleness. Over the years the processes for casting aluminium wheels have improved and they are now widely used on both road and track cars. The main selling point for alloy wheel and tyre sets is the range of designs available and the fact they differentiate your car from the production line models and to give it some street cred. Alloys can be made in a wide variety of designs with 5, 7, 8 or multi-spoke designs. Alloy wheel and tyre sets have been popularised by American rappers who often have pimped up rides featuring in their videos. As well as standard alloys, they have been behind the rising popularity of larger diameter rims, often featuring designs such as spinner wheels where the centre of the wheel continues to spin after the vehicle has stopped and for “Floaters” where the centre of the wheel stays stationary whilst the vehicle is moving making it appear that the car is not in motion. A popular feature of alloy wheel and tyre sets is the “low profile tyre”. The rubber on the sidewall of a low profile tyre is often only half as deep as that of a standard tyre. These tyres look much cooler that standard wall tyres and are becoming more popular with manufacturers as they can fit larger brakes to the car. With drivers they are popular because they improve road handling, but they have drawbacks in that a lower sidewall means a bumpier ride. For the best prices and the biggest range of alloy wheel and tyre sets contact Wheel Heaven. Wheel Heaven stock alloy wheel and tyre sets from all the biggest manufacturers. You can visit their showrooms in Hereford or visit their website at

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