Advantages of Using Digital Ear Thermometers

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Health Care

Mercury based thermometers have made way for digital ear thermometers in recent years mainly due to the growing realization about the negative impacts of mercury. One of the fastest ways to get the temperature of a person, digital thermometers are increasingly becoming popular because of their accurate readings. Although a bit more expensive than the traditional thermometers, these machines are highly useful. Workings of Digital Ear Thermometers Digital ear thermometers provide faster and more accurate readings than the various other types of thermometers available in the market. These machines rely on sophisticated infrared sensors to collect the necessary data on the body temperature from the ear drum. These thermometers measure the infrared radiation coming from an eardrum which is a more accurate measure of the body temperature than the heat in our mouth or rectum. Digital ear thermometers use thermocouples to sense the change in temperature and display the same on a digital screen. When these thermopiles or thermocouples are exposed to changes in temperature, their expelled voltage increases or decreases proportionally. The thermocouple is nested just inside the tip of a digital ear thermometer’s sensor and is connected to a computer which translates the voltage output of the thermopile into a temperature. This temperature is then displayed on a small digital LCD screen located on the outside of the thermometer. However, too much wax in a person’s ear can result in an error or lead to an incorrect reading. Certain precautions need to be kept in mind while using these thermometers. The machine should be pressed gently into one’s ear and no force should be applied. Use of too much force can cause harm to the ear membrane besides being quite painful. Again, one needs to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid inaccurate readings. Advantages of Using Digital Ear Thermometers Digital ear thermometers offer several distinct advantages over the traditional keep-under-the-tongue thermometers.

  • The digital ear thermometers are increasingly being preferred because of their ability to show the correct temperature in two seconds or less. This is highly useful in case of children who are fidgety and keep on moving when the temperature is being taken.


  • Another advantage of the digital version is that you no longer have to check your watch to monitor the time taken for the measurement of temperature.


  • The placement of this type of thermometer is quite easy.


  • These machines are quite easy to maintain and just need to be cleaned with soapy water before storage.

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