Advantages of Commercial Concrete Highways in Oahu HI

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Construction and Maintenance

If you oversee planning new commercial highways in Oahu, HI, then make sure that you consider concrete roads. There are many advantages to building your next highway project with concrete.

First, commercial highways in Oahu, HI, require fewer repairs than those made of asphalt. That means that there will be fewer traffic delays as people try to get from work to home. It also means that you will spend less of your budget on road maintenance. Numerous studies show that concrete stands up better when used on commercial highways than asphalt, so you will not have to replace the surface as soon. Studies done at Michigan State University show that concrete roads last twice if asphalt ones.

Concrete is a safer choice for commercial highways in Oahu, HI. Since it is rigid, vehicles experience fewer traction problems when roadways are wet. Additionally, concrete reflects light better, which makes it easier for drivers to see. Concrete does not develop potholes, so people love to drive on its smooth surface.

Unless you stay in your position for more than 25 years, the chances are that you will never have to replace a concrete highway. That means fewer complaints coming across your desk from stalled traffic while road work is ongoing.

The best choice for the environment is concrete highways. Each second that a driver is stalled in traffic adds to the air pollution in Hawaii. Less money spent on roads means that governments and businesses have more money to spend on other projects.

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