Adding A Pipe And Drape Backdrop

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At just about any type of event, including corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and holiday parties, having a place to take group or individual photos on site is a great idea. For businesses, the same type of pipe and drape configuration is also a wonderful addition to a presentation booth or a trade show exhibit, and can add a touch of color and privacy at a very low cost.

Basically, a pipe and drape backdrop can be easily customized to be as large or as small as needed. However, the larger the system is, the more essential it is to consider stability in the overall design of the backdrop itself.

Construction Considerations

Always look for a pipe and drape backdrop that is designed to fit on a heavier base. The base is usually steel and is heavy enough to support the weight of the rods and crosspiece as well as the draped fabric.

Most of these systems will have a base that is specifically designed for different types of rods, also known as uprights. There will be a locking mechanism to secure the uprights in place, and you can configure the distance apart of the individual base plates.

The uprights will typically telescope, so there is also a maximum adjustment for the height. Each upright will need to have a secure locking mechanism at the telescoping point to provide security once the crossbar and the fabric is added to the structure.

The crossbar, or the top bar between the two uprights, needs to be lightweight yet strong. These typically also telescope to allow flexibility in the length of the display. These simply slide into the top of the uprights for easy assembly.

Decorating and Finishing

Once the frame of the pipe and drape is assembled and secured at the base and each of the telescoping points, all that you need is to hang the backdrop panel or the drape. You can combine different colors and fabric options, including a sheer drape, for an elegant look that is perfect for weddings and special events.

For a trade show or a business event you can choose a pipe and drape system in a solid color such as white or black that can be placed strategically to provide privacy and separate your display area from others. For this type of use consider a polyester drape that can be easily laundered and kept looking new even after years of use.

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