About the Use of Invisalign in Staten Island

    In the past, the only way to get straight teeth was to get braces. However, braces were often thought to be unsightly and many people don’t want to wear them, especially when adults need them. Because of this, there have been changes in dental technology that are more suitable for adults and for younger people who don’t want the look of braces. Invisalign in Staten Island is one of those options that may be right for you. When you first go into the dentist for an evaluation, he will help you determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

    At this appointment, he will also discuss the treatment plan with you so you can familiarize yourself with it and determine if it is the course of action you would like to take. In addition, he may take the impressions to make your Invisalign aligners. The aligners for your Invisalign in Staten Island will fit over your teeth in a way that no one will notice you are wearing them. Because they are clear, people will only see your natural teeth through them, unlike the silver braces that shine on your teeth. You will wear these aligners as often as you can, taking them off to eat so they don’t become soiled. The aligners will slowly move your teeth into the proper alignment.

    As you go through the treatments, you will need to visit your dentist on a regular basis to check your progress. In some cases, you may need to get new aligners as your teeth move to their new positions. One of the greatest advantages of using Invisalign over traditional braces is the absence of pain. The wire braces would pull the teeth, causing pain. Invisalign slowly and naturally moves your teeth, so you won’t even notice they are moving. The braces of the past are no longer a necessity due to the advances in orthodontics.

    Not only will adults enjoy the clear color of Invisalign, but they will also be able to go through the whole treatment without the pain often associated with typical braces. Because the aligners work to move your teeth slowly, it can take a while for the end result to be accomplished, but it is worth it to avoid the pain and discomfort of regular braces. Before you choose this option, though, it is best to talk to your dentist to ensure you are a candidate. To get a complete Invisalign treatment in Staten Island, visit Brooklyn Orthodontics.

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