A Tulsa Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help Build Your Case

    If you’re out of work because of a medical condition or a disability, you may consider filing a claim for SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance. While filing is an important step in the fight for benefits, the unfortunate reality is that most claims are initially denied. When this occurs, claimants must file appeals in the hope that the SSA (Social Security Administration) will reverse its decision. Social Security disability law firms in Tulsa can help claimants document their cases and increase the chances of success.

    Why Claims are Denied

    A claim denial notice from the Social Security Administration will typically include an explanation of the claimant’s impairments, medical history, condition, and the reasons for the denial. Most SSDI claims are at first denied because of a lack of evidence. When this occurs, a claimant must appeal the decision and schedule an SSA hearing. Some common reasons for denial include:

    • The claimant’s high income
    • The SSA’s belief that the condition isn’t severe enough to be considered disabling
    • The claimant doesn’t provide all their medical documents to the Social Security Administration
    • The claimant’s failure to follow medical orders

    Whether you’re filing a claim for yourself or for someone you love, Social Security disability law firms in Tulsa can help. Call or click today to schedule a consultation.

    A Local Lawyer Can Help You Build a Solid SSDI Claim

    While it’s possible to win on appeal, the safest approach is to build a solid claim the first time around—and that requires assistance from an experienced lawyer. With legal representation, you’re more likely to gain approval. Social Security disability law firms in Tulsa know how to present clients’ cases in favorable ways, and these attorneys can gather the necessary evidence. If you’re thinking of filing an SSDI claim, call the Barnard Law Firm or visit them online.

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