A Drug Possession Law Attorney in Kutztown PA Helps Protect Defendant’s Rights

The Pennsylvania criminal justice system takes drug crimes very seriously. These are not the type of offenses a defendant should attempt to fight on their own. Although a defendant is innocent until proven guilty in criminal court, there are a few factors that can affect how a judge or jury rules on the case that have nothing to do with the evidence.


A defendant who appears in court in a jail uniform is more likely to be convicted than one who is on bail awaiting trial. Something about the jail clothing makes a defendant appear guilty, even if the evidence doesn’t quite prove it. An effective way to avoid looking guilty before the verdict is to hire an experienced drug possession law attorney in Kutztown PA Lawyers fight for bail for their clients and if a client isn’t able to get bail, an attorney may be able to arrange for a barber and a nice suit to wear to court.

Support Network

Like the judge and jury assess the defendant’s appearance, they also look at the way a defendant’s support network looks and behaves in court. It’s important for anyone who attends court hearing to dress professionally and remain silent during the proceedings. While the behavior of other people in the courtroom doesn’t officially factor into the verdict, the jury may subconsciously determine that the people who come to court to support a defendant are similar to him. An experienced drug possession law attorney in Kutztown PA may coach a client and their loved ones on how to present themselves during the trial.

Everyone in America has rights. To protect those rights, anyone who is facing serious criminal charges should have a lawyer who has the skills and experience to fight for them. The process may be long but an attorney could help guide a defendant and their loved ones through the complicated system. No one should be alone while they face felony charges. An attorney who has successfully defended similar cases in the past and knows how to navigate the court system could mean the difference between spending a lot of time in prison and being acquitted. Browse our website for more information or to consult with an attorney.

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