A Chicago Coffee Shop That Serves Delicious Food and Yummy Desserts

    One of the best coffee shops at Magnificent Mile Chicago serves tasty food, great coffee, and wonderful desserts. The bakers there know how to make the freshest donuts, and the baristas know how to make the finest coffee. Here’s some information about the food.

    On the menu, you’ll find an egg sandwich, a keto sandwich, and a pretzel sandwich, all made with cage-free eggs. You’ll also see a breakfast burrito made with cage-free egg. Creamy oatmeal is on the menu, and so are hash browns. Sandwiches include grilled cheese with or without bacon.

    The coffee at this eatery can be ordered hot or cold. Espresso, cappuccino, Americano, and other kinds of coffee can be ordered. There’s also chai, mocha, and hot chocolate.

    All kinds of donuts are freshly made at the shop every day. The variety of donuts is extensive and impressive. Flavors include pistachio, carrot cake, chocolate, blueberry cream cheese, and more. Vegan and gluten-free donuts are also on the menu.

    Note that the shop sells its own brand of coffee. You can order the house, the espresso, or the decaffeinated blend. Get a subscription and have coffee delivered to your home. Order it online from the website and get it shipped free of charge.

    The best coffee shops at Magnificent Mile Chicago include Stan’s Donuts & Coffee. Go there when you’re in the area to enjoy their fabulous coffee and donuts. Contact them today.

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