A Brief Reminder on How to Care for Teeth Properly in Vancouver, WA

    While most people have the habit of brushing their teeth every day before heading out to work, it can sometimes be easy for a person to forget the importance of good oral hygiene habits. In addition to regularly visiting a dentist that offers general dentistry in Vancouver, WA, here are a few reminders of basic steps a person can take to keep their teeth in good condition.

    Brushing twice a day is important. At times, a person may want to brush after each meal. It is good for a person to wait at least 20 or 30 minutes after eating to brush their teeth since some foods can soften the enamel. It is good to use a small toothbrush in order to get access to the back teeth. Using a soft toothbrush will be gentler on the gums.

    Using a toothpaste with fluoride will keep the enamel on the teeth hard. This will reduce the likelihood that a person will experience tooth decay. Flossing the teeth daily is also important. Using a gentle sawing motion will usually get rid of anything stuck between the teeth.

    There are times when a person may experience an injury that requires them to visit a

    general dentistry in Vancouver, WA, practice that offers emergency service. For example, a person may have their tooth knocked out in an accident. If it is possible, putting the tooth back in place and seeking emergency dental services is usually wise to do.

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