4 Tips On How To Take Care Of Teeth And Braces

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Dentistry

Getting braces fixed can be both overwhelming and exciting. On one hand, you will have straightened teeth after the treatment. On the other, you need to sit through multiple dental sessions and get used to having a mouth full of metals, wires, and brackets. The success and effectiveness of braces highly rely on how well you take care of both your teeth and the orthodontic tool. Here are a few tips, according to Cosmetic Dentistry Deerfield experts.

Brush and floss daily

Continue brushing and flossing daily to eradicate food debris that may be stuck in between teeth and brackets. Failure to brush and floss may heighten the risk of developing dental cavities and stain teeth, therefore, tampering with the end results.

Avoid hard foods

Food that is hard to bite or chew is highly discouraged, especially if you have braces. Applying unnecessary pressure to the braces may cause the wires to break or become loose. Instead, slice your food and fruits into bite-sized pieces so that you can easily chew without damaging the braces.

Visit your dentist regularly

Cosmetic Dentistry Deerfield experts recommend that you head into the dental clinic for check-ups at least every four weeks if you have braces. As your teeth adjust and align themselves, the wires are bound to become loose over time. Check-ups are essential for tightening the wires and confirming the progress of the orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will also check to see if you need additional procedures for the desired outcome.

Check-in for a professional dental cleaning session

Your toothbrush may not reach the food debris or building up plaque in between teeth. Consider visiting the dentist for professional cleaning to prevent other dental issues such as stains and tooth decay from arising.

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