4 Fun and Unique Ways to Use Personalized Chocolate Coins

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

The mere mention of the word “chocolate” can put a smile on almost everyone’s face. Chocolate has been used for centuries to bake with and snack on. Have you ever thought of using chocolate as a way of introducing your business? Advertising is only one of the unique ways chocolate can be used to make a statement. The following are fun and unique ways to use personalized chocolate coins.
Wedding Favors
If you are planning a wedding and don’t want to give your guests the typical wedding favors, consider using custom chocolate coins. There are a wide range of options you can choose from when using chocolate as a wedding favor. The wrapper as well as the chocolate can be stamped with the bride and grooms name as well as the date or you can choose to have wrappers that match the theme and colors of the wedding.
Birthday Invitations
Kids love chocolate, so what better way to invite them to a birthday party than with chocolate bars. The wrapper can be custom designed to announce the date, time and place. Carry on the chocolate theme by using chocolate as the birthday favors. Chocolate can be wrapped in themed designs to match your child’s birthday theme or customized with your child’s name and birthday.
Business Cards
If you are looking for a business card design that is different, fun and attention getting, consider using chocolate bars or coins. A chocolate business card can be designed with your company name and contact information. These are great to hand out when you are doing a special event such as a convention.
Fund raisers
At least once each year, children attempt to sell generic candy bars as a way to earn money for sports events, cheer-leading squads or class events. Personalizing the candy with the event, the school or the sport is a fun way to get more attention for the fund raiser and a great way to boost sales.
There are hundreds of ways to use chocolate as a source of making announcements, sending a thank-you or as a gift. The way you can use chocolate for your next special occasion is only limited to your imagination, so the next time you have to order paper invitations, create party favors or host a fund raiser step outside of the expected and use chocolate.
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