3 Reasons You Should Consider a Volkswagen Car Lease in New Lenox

    In some cases, you may find that it makes better financial sense to just buy a car rather than lease it. However, there are situations where leasing may be the better option. Here are three advantages of a Volkswagen car lease in New Lenox.

    Less Upfront Money

    There are many cars that can be leased for no money down. And while there may be some upfront fees associated with leasing the car, in most cases those fees can be rolled over into your monthly payment. When you buy a car, you will need to put a minimum of 20% down if you want a decent loan rate.

    Lower Monthly Payments

    A Volkswagen car lease in New Lenox will have a monthly payment that is up to 60% cheaper. Because the monthly payments are cheaper, you will be able to drive a car you may not otherwise be able to afford.

    This is probably the biggest advantage and reason to opt for a lease versus buying the car outright.

    You Don’t Have to Worry About Repairs

    Another huge advantage to leasing a car is the fact you don’t have to worry about repairs or maintenance. If you keep the lease at 36 months or less you may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the entirety of the lease. This will of course save you a great deal of money should you have any issues.

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