3 Reasons to Lease Your Next Car from a Plainfield Dealership

    When it’s time to replace your current car or truck, you don’t necessarily have to worry about financing the full purchase price. Instead, you can choose a car lease in Plainfield. If you don’t know much about leasing a vehicle, it may help you make up your mind to learn more about the advantages of this option.

    Avoid Losing Money on the Resale

    When you buy a new vehicle, it loses up to 20% of its value within the first three years of ownership. Alternatively, you’ll lease your car for a few years and return it to the dealership when the lease expires. Since you don’t resell the vehicle, you won’t suffer that financial loss due to depreciation.

    Drive the Latest Vehicle

    Each lease will last for just a few years, which means you’ll always be driving the latest model. This is an important consideration when you think about how quickly auto safety advances. Each time your lease expires, you can lease a newer vehicle and benefit from the latest automotive innovations.

    Save on Maintenance

    Each car lease in Plainfield comes with a warranty that covers most of the mechanical problems you’ll experience while you have the car in your possession. By the time the warranty expires, you’ll be close to meeting the expiration of your lease. As you lease another vehicle, the new vehicle will also be covered by a lease. This process ensures you’ll be covered for maintenance costs in almost any situation.

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