2 Maritime Situations Where the Jones Act May Apply and Who Can Help

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Law Services

The Merchant Marine Act became part of legislation in 1920. This particular law provides the maintenance of the American Merchant Marine. Section 27, commonly known as the Jones Act, specifies and defines certain seamen’s rights. Perhaps you or someone you know is currently employed as a seaman and are wondering what the Jones Act can do when a particular situation arises. Here are two maritime situations where the Jones Act may apply.


If you were injured while employed as a seaman, the Jones Act may help you seek compensation for your injuries. Negligent acts of your employer or co-workers is a situation that may have caused you injury. This also includes vessels that are found to be unseaworthy.


Another maritime situation where the Jones Act may apply is when a seaman jumps or falls overboard. The Act dictates that when this situation occurs, the employer must attempt to search and rescue the seaman when there is a possibility that the seaman is alive in the water.

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