What to Look for in a Keynote Speaker

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

What do you do when you have been left the task of finding a keynote speaker for your company’s upcoming meeting or training seminar?  Many people do not know where to begin. There are specific things that you need to look for to make the experience a complete success. If the speaker is not able to hit every single one of these characteristics, then keep looking and find the right speaker for your company’s meeting. It is Your Company The keynote speaker needs to listen to you about what your company’s message is for this meeting. Not only should the speaker listen to you, he should invest some of his own time into researching for more in-depth knowledge on the topic. Each company is different and even within those differences there are times when a company needs to improve on a specific skill. The speaker should be able to zoom in on that skill and know his material to the fullest prior to your meeting. Presentation is Everything The next thing that you need to make sure is covered is the presentation. This is very important to those that are participating and to the company, as well. The presentation needs to be given in a way that it makes it easy to understand and learn. Often, this can be done with comedy. Comedy helps the mind to relax and enjoy what is happening. When you are enjoying something, then you are more likely to remember it. Some of the most successful keynote speakers will use comedy to help bring out the topic in a more in-depth way. The presentation should be able to fill up a good amount of time. In other words, you are not looking for someone to fill only ten minutes worth of time. When it comes to keynote speakers, he should be able to hold the audience’s attention for a good 45 minutes. There is nothing more disappointing to your company directors than having a meeting planned, and a keynote speaker cannot keep the audience engaged. It will make you look like you should never be trusted with this kind of responsibility again, and your employees will not get the message you are hoping to send. When it comes to finding a great speaker, make sure that your choice will not only be able to listen to what you have to say about the topic, but he will research it even further so that he has an intimate knowledge of what he is speaking about at your meeting. The speaker should be able to use clean humor and comedy to get your point delivered, and he will be able to keep everyone’s attention while being entertaining.

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