What to expect in alcohol and drug rehab programs

If you suffer from substance abuse and make the decision to seek rehabilitation, the thoughts can be daunting. If you have not undergone drug rehab in a residential rehab center, you may be suffering from some misconceptions about what does and what does not happen. Of genuine importance is; there are no locks on the doors. You are free to leave at any time you wish. You may be undergoing drug rehab as a criminal adjudication, but you are still free to leave if you wish. There may be future consequences, but they have no bearing on whether you stay with program or not. The reason for not having locked doors is simple, for drug rehab to work; it has to be voluntary. You have to be a willing participant in your treatment, if you enter the program knowing that you will return to drugs and alcohol you are wasting the time of others and your money. However, if you have made the decision to follow through with the program, here is what you can expect: Detox: Detoxification is the first step to rehabilitation. There are rehab facilities that have in-house detox programs, other facilities expect you to come to them clean and sober before you are granted acceptance. The current trend is to have detox take place in a facility that specializes in dealing with the effects of withdrawal. This does not take long, in as little as a week you can be ready for rehab. The facility: Of all the thousands of drug rehab facilities throughout the country, odds of any two being the same are very remote. They can range from almost a wild camp-type place to the most luxurious which can cater to virtually anything imaginable, except drugs. The facility that you go to is not as important as the care you receive. If you are in rehab and your insurance is paying for it, you get the best that it will cover. What is important though is how successful the entire program is in keeping you drug-free and sober. Education: At the core of any rehab program is education. As an addict, the facility gets you to face your addiction and to look at it honestly and realistically. You are given help in changing your attitude to substance abuse. When most addicts first enter drug rehab, they are hanging on to some denial about just how serious the problem is. The treatment programs break the doors of denial down and try to get you to face the future clean of drugs and sober. You will be taught the nature and dynamics of addiction, the effects the substance is having on you and your body and the consequences of continued use. The Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire has a dynamic drug rehab program in place. They have helped many addicts to shake the habit through their specialized programs.