Using Natural Hormones Could Be Less Risky Than Synthetic Brands

It has long been established both by anecdotal evidence as well as by large clinical scientific studies that the risks of using synthetic hormones to replace deficits in the body far outweigh the gains. Breast cancer, stroke, and cardiac disease leading to heart failure are all indicative of some of the risks that are involved in using synthetic hormonal replacement drugs. Many people who suffer from thyroid disease and subsequent hormonal imbalances are often automatically prescribed hormone replacement, such as estrogen, taken from horses that have a molecular structure that is metabolized differently in a human body, and therefore may have negative side effects. Other synthetic drugs used as hormone replacements that are created in the lab are also not the same as hormones that naturally occur in the body that may cause side effects. Bioidentical hormone replacement uses hormones that are derived from plants and is an option that seems to be met with less side effects and better success. Men who are suffering from lower production of testosterone, usually due to the aging process, have found that using bioidentical hormone replacement therapies have increased levels of energy, as well as muscle mass. (Links to sex drive have also shown to be improved, although despite common misconceptions, there is no actual scientific linkage between libido and testosterone.) One of the benefits of using natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy versus bioidentical hormone replacement drugs, is that the hormones mimic those that are naturally produced by the body, and therefore the immune system does not treat them as invaders. An actual improvement in hormone levels results, which helps to bring the functioning of bodily processes back to normal. Depending on the type of hormones that are being replaced, bioidentical hormone replacement therapies can be delivered through a variety of methods. Capsules and tablets, as well as lozenges, may be the easiest way for most people to ingest the hormones. Other methods of application may involve the use of creams or sprays. Fewer side effects are reported by people who make use of natural hormone replacement therapies as opposed to synthetic hormones, and it is apparent that patients can suspend a regimen for a period of time and begin again without suffering further side effects. There has been nothing to suggest, as yet, that natural hormone therapy has the same risks for heart attack, stroke, or cancer that are proven to be risk factors with the use of synthetic hormones. A key difference is that dosages for natural hormones are lower and the natural hormones are bioidentical. The Hills Medical Group in West Lake Hills, Texas provides bioidentical hormone replacement therapies for patients suffering from hormone imbalance due to diseases affecting the lymphatic system, as well as patients with lower hormone levels due to the process of aging. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. We are located at 4201 Bee Caves Road, Suite B112 in West Lake Hills. Call us at 512-327-4886, or contact us via our website at