Packing Guide: Tips on What to Wear During Your Chicago Cruise

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Travel and Vacations

You’re planning to sail off and are excited, but some things about this trip make you pause. You aren’t sure what to pack for a cruise in Chicago. The following will help you dress right.


If you’re going to be taking this Chicago sightseeing cruise during the warmer months, then you’ll need some sandals to walk around and to let your feet breathe. Now, if you’re going to be doing this during the colder months, you need comfortable sneakers. You should consider lined sneakers for extra warmth. Sneakers can prevent you from slipping while traveling.


You want to feel comfortable while taking this Chicago sightseeing cruise, so the best pants to take are sweatpants or khakis. Leggings work as well as long as the pants you choose are lined. Temperatures can drop dramatically at night in Chicago. If you’re going to be on this cruise during the warmer months, then lightweight shorts and pants would work.


Lightweight cardigans should be more than adequate during the colder months. Wool sweaters would be ideal but cashmere will work, too. Tops for warmer temperatures should be cool and lightweight like linen. Stick to plain colors so that you can wear the same top a few times so you can travel light.

Chicago’s First Lady Cruises has been providing breathtaking cruises to folks like you who are looking to escape and looking to see something new, so if you feel like it’s time to book this cruise, visit them to take that final step.

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