Jazz Singers For a Special Event Or Party

Booking a jazz singer for a special event or party is a fantastic way to make it a memorable occasion. Jazz singers love to give people a moment that will last a lifetime, which is why it’s important to take your time finding a singer who knows the songs everyone wants to hear. Most jazz musicians available for corporate events or special parties know the classic you and your crowd want to hear for the event. Remember that this person is a professional and knows how to put on a show. The best thing you can do is be prompt with payment and make sure the venue is fit for the jazz singer to light up the room. *Most jazz singers will do a mix of classic songs with some contemporary pieces thrown into the mix. If this isn’t your forte, make this clear when you meet with the jazz singer for a consultation. Don’t be shy! Ask for a few tunes to get a feel for the singer’s tone, voice and overall performance quality. Any singer who is looking for a paying gig is happy to put on an impromptu performance to show off their vocal pipes.   *Ask how payment is preferred. In the past, nearly all musicians only accepted cash or checks for a gig. Nowadays, musicians have their own websites set up for social networking. This allows a potential client to find the artist online, have a listen to their voice and look at rates before calling the musician for a prospective gig. Many of these sites are equipped with payment features so you can pay for the gig online with a credit card or debit card. Ask the musician how they prefer payment, so it can be ready to go at the right time.   *Make it a point to visit the venue with the jazz singer, so he or she can get a feel for the space. You can set up where the musician will perform and make sure there’s enough space for the band or any equipment needed the night of the show. This also allows the singer to run through one or two songs to get a feel for the acoustics in the space. Schedule this on the morning of the event (if the venue is open) or earlier in the week  so you are not rushing a few minutes before guests arrive. Jazz Singers – Hire a jazz singer for your special event or party by reaching out to us at http://www.sylviabrooks.net/. We are eager to bring you amazing music that will create that special moment.