How to Save Money on Construction Debris Removal in San Marcos, TX

    New construction often requires contractors to remove existing structures, tear up the pavement, and excavate soil before even laying a new foundation. Getting rid of all that construction site debris can cost a small fortune if contractors don’t know how to manage waste properly. Read on to find a few tips that can help any contractor save money on debris removal in San Marcos, TX.

    Plan a Soft Tear Down

    A soft tear down involves more deconstruction than demolition, allowing contractors to salvage materials for reuse or recycling. Salvage companies sometimes buy materials like windows, plumbing fixtures, flooring, and large pieces of lumber. This helps to make up for the cost of disposing of construction waste that can’t be sold or recycled for a profit.

    Know What to Recycle

    Soft tear downs come with the added benefit of making it easier to separate recyclables from actual waste. Contractors can make some money recycling metal. Recycling other materials like cardboard, untreated wood, drywall, and window glass doesn’t come with a paycheck but it does help the environment and it may cost less to get rid of these recyclable materials if they are sorted and recycled appropriately.

    Find a Dump Site for Excavation Debris

    The best way to deal with the dirt, concrete, stone, and asphalt left over after an excavation is to find a company that offers both debris removal in San Marcos, TX and a dedicated dumpsite. Some contractors haul their own debris, although this takes extra time and money. If contractors need to remove a substantial amount of fill dirt or excavation debris, it makes more sense to schedule a pickup.

    Check Prices

    Debris that can’t be sold, reused, recycled, or brought to an excavation dump site needs to be disposed of the old-fashioned way. Most contractors find that dumpster rental services are worth the cost but don’t be afraid to shop around. Prices vary substantially.

    The Bottom Line

    Reducing waste is always the first step toward cutting costs on debris removal. It’s also a good idea to arrange a dumpsite for excavation debris, as it tends to be much heavier than other forms of construction waste. Visit us website to learn about one local company that can help.

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