DUI Attorneys Fullerton – Dos and Don’ts When You Are Caught Driving Under Influence

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Law Services

Driving under influence is a major crime. So, if you ever make this mistake and are caught, you need to follow certain basic do’s and don’ts. DUI attorneys in Fullerton can only help you more effectively if you do not make a further mess of the situation you are in. The law is slightly lenient on first time offenders. However, this is no reason for you to relax. Second time offenders need to be very careful because DUI can land them in jail. Read on below for some basic guidelines that can keep you out of further trouble. The bottom rule is that if you are drunk, do not drive. Hire a taxi to take you home. If you are not completely intoxicated and feel that you can make your way safely back home, you need to start immediately after you have had the last drink. How does this help? Alcohol does not cause a flash flood in the blood. The alcohol level in your blood increases very gradually. So, the longer you delay, higher will be the alcohol level recorded when the cops test you. However, do not accept to undergo the breath analyzer test. There have been numerous instances where these tests have shown inaccurate results and the person has had to face unfair penalties. While refusal to undergo a blood test could be used against you in the court of law, refusing to take the breath analyzer does not count against you. Do not lie to the officer if you have only had a couple of drinks. Remember, no amount of mouth sprays can help you erase the smell of alcohol immediately. So, the officer does not really need a chemical test to know if you have had some drinks. In case they test your blood, the alcohol level will not be more than 0.08 percent if you have only had a couple of drinks. You’ll pass the test and will not be charged a penalty. If you lie, it could be a whole different story. The officers who pull you over need to explain in detail about the tests they conduct on you. If they do not, you have a right to stop them and ask about it. This is important because there is a lot of difference between tests conducted on the field and tests that are only permitted after the arrest. So, the officers are not supposed to mix up these tests. Finally, if you drink, make it a point to understand the laws in your state. DUI laws differ from state to state. The permissible limits of alcohol in blood are also different from state to state. So, you should know the basic law so that you can protect yourself if you happen to be pulled over for DUI. If you help yourself when caught on the road, you simplify the job of DUI attorneys in Fullerton to a great extent. Rondee J Eagle Attorneys at Law works to defend people who are caught for DUI crimes in Fullerton. The law firm also deals with other aspects of criminal law. For more details, please visit: website.

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