Advantages of Hiring a Travis County DWI Lawyer

    Statistics show that DWI is a major cause of road fatalities in the United States. According to, there is one DWI-related death in the US every thirty-nine minutes. Several US states, including Texas, have implemented strict measures to curb drunk driving. Some of the measures introduced by these states are stricter fines, penalties, suspension of one’s driving license and jail terms. If you have been slapped with criminal charges related to DWI, you should immediately get in touch with a Travis County DWI lawyer for appropriate representation in your case.   Texas Laws and Travis County DWI Lawyers A Travis County DWI lawyer is well-versed in the Texas DWI laws and thus can educate his clients about their legal rights. Representation by an experienced DWI lawyer will ensure that you file all the necessary petitions or representations in the appropriate manner and within the stipulated time limits. According to Texas law, any individual above the age of 21 is declared drunk once his/her Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level is found to be above 0.8. If the individual is below the age of 21, any trace of alcohol is unacceptable and the person is charged with a DWI.   The best way to ensure that you are not penalized heavily or given a jail term for a DWI charge is to seek the advice of a Travis County DWI lawyer. An appropriate defense against any charges is possible if you inform your lawyer about all the facts and the nature of any inquiries made by police officials. You should also inform your lawyer about the tests conducted, provide details of papers given to you by the authorities and any other information that can help him prepare your defense.   According to Texas law, you can make a petition against the suspension of your driving license within 15 days of receiving the notice. Your lawyer can make the petition and seek a hearing against the suspension, thereby helping you prevent the revocation of your license. If your license has already been revoked, a DWI lawyer can help you get an occupational driving license, which means you can drive for up to 12 hours in a day.   In many cases, any inaccurate judgment by a police officer can land you in trouble and result in the imposition of criminal charges. It is going to very difficult for you to emerge unscathed in such a scenario unless you hire an experienced Travis County DWI lawyer. He will not only check whether the investigation by the officer was done in accordance with the law, but he will also verify whether the tests were conducted using the right machines.   Every person facing criminal charges under DWI law should be aware that certain facts need to be proved before you can be considered guilty. These include:

    • Your identity
    • Your blood alcohol was over the prescribed limit
    • Loss of normal use of physical and mental faculties

      A person facing DWI-related charges should also be aware that he has a right to jury trial and thus can opt for it.   Travis County DWI Lawyer – DWI-related charges can be quite frustrating and disturb your normal life. In some cases, the driving license of the person involved may be revoked permanently. In order to avoid such a situation and make sure your legal rights are upheld, get in touch with the Law Office of Betty Blackwell. An experienced criminal defense attorney, Betty Blackwell specializes in cases related to DWI and domestic violence. For more information, visit

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