4 Reasons Why You Should Pursue an Illustration BFA in Chicago

    Do you love to draw? Have you always wanted to create your own artwork? If so, then a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration is the perfect degree for you! There are many reasons why pursuing an illustration degree can be beneficial. This blog post will give specific reasons why an illustration BFA is worth pursuing.

    It’s a Creative Field That Is Always in Demand

    A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration is an excellent degree for a person who has always been creative. This field requires creativity and self-expression, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to make art your career. Since this type of work is never outsourced or done by machines, jobs are available all over the world!

    You’ll Have the Opportunity to Work With Other Artists and Designers

    When you pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, you’ll be able to collaborate with other artists and designers. You can learn from these individuals and share your own art with them as well!

    There Are Many Opportunities for Self-Expression

    As a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration student, you’ll have the opportunity to express yourself through your work. You can design and make artwork based on what inspires you!

    The world is always open for an artist with skills that are this diverse and unique!

    You Can Make Your Own Schedule and Be Your Own Boss

    The best part of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration is that you can make your own schedule. You’ll be able to self-direct and manage yourself as an artist, so there are no outside expectations for what you should do with your time!

    If you’re interested in pursuing an Illustration BFA visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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